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- Shirley Puga, Founder of NERN

NERN Launches, Prepares to Offer Much Needed Support

Over the last two years, the plummeting economy has wreaked havoc on the equine rescue and welfare community. Americans are losing their jobs and homes, leaving more horses than ever in need of rescue. Though organizations and individuals have been working tirelessly to meet this increased need, resources and donations are scarce. As dedicated, as compassionate and as determined as they are, the rescue community is desperately in need of support. Help is on the way . . . Click here to read our Press Release

National Gelding Clinic Pilot Program Launched

The current economy has created a greater number of displaced horses, and this trend will likely continue for the next few years. By offering a low cost gelding option to responsible owners, we can help reduce the number of new horses coming into the world during these trying times. Click here to read more

Clinic Location Date
Gelding clinics are currently on hold.


More CA clinics to be announced soon!

Gelding Program Well Received in CA View Press Release

Introduction to NERN's Gelding Program View Video

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